Приглашаем иностранных граждан для получения образования по программам бакалавриата «Реклама и связи с общественностью» и магистратуры «Креативные технологии в рекламе и связях с общественностью».

The Russian media market offers  an opportunity to “make history”. It is  a good chance  to study the theory of advertising and to  practice the most modern and creative technologies of cross-cultural communication.


 The masterclasses from leading experts   in the field of advertising  and PR  will help to learn the specifics of the Russian media market.


 The working language is Russian.

Leningrad State University  named after A.S. Pushkin is located in Tsarskoye Selo. Now it is  Pushkin.


Tsarskoye Selo is  undoubtedly the most famous literary symbol of Russia, the summer residence of Russian tsars. There is  a world -famous Amber room in Catherine Palace, Pushkin.


One of many interesting places in Pushkin is Lyceum of Tsarskoye Selo where the famous Russian poet Alexander Pushkin studied.

In order to apply for a course, you should have:


 - a graduation certificate with academic transcript

- knowledge of Russian, Elementary certificate level of  the Test of Russian as a Foreign Language (TORFL).



For further information call:   8 (812) 465-66-99